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River Rafting

One of the most popular destinations in India for both domestic and international tourists who want to go river rafting is Dandelistaypackages

Kayaking in dandeli
River swim
River swimming

The most well-known water sport in Karnataka is the zip line, and it’s one of the most incredible experiences.

back water

The Kali River rises in the Western Ghats close to the village of Kushavali in Joida Taluka (15°14′56′′N 074°17′58′′E), where the Pandri River joins it from the left. The 2011 Census Village code for Kushavali is 602664. (north). The Kali flows eastward towards Dandeli after leaving the Supa Dam at Kurandi.


The Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka state in India is traversed by the Kali River, sometimes known as the Kaali Nadi. [1] In the Uttar Kannada area, close to the little settlement of Kushavali, the river begins to rise. Tens of thousands of people, notably fisherman on the coast of Karwar, rely on the river for their livelihoods, and it provides for the survival of almost 400,000 people in the Uttara Kannada region. This river has many dams erected across it in order to provide energy. The Supa Dam in Ganeshgudi, which spans the Kali River, is one of the most significant dams. Before entering the Arabian Sea, the river travels 184 kilometres.

jungle safari
jungle safari

Wildlife, such as tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants, gaurs, deer, antelopes, and bears, may be found naturally in Dandeli.  In Karnataka, it is the second-largest wildlife sanctuary, and in 2007 it was declared a tiger reserve.

crocodile park
About Dandeli

Karnataka, a state in western India, has the town of Dandeli. Black panthers, monkeys, elephants, and other bird species all call the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary home with its pathways and thick forests.  West of the caverns, the Kali Tiger is contained inside Anshi National Park.

What makes Dandeli famous?
Wildlife Sanctuary in Dandeli.

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It features uncommon animals and luxuriant vegetation. Sloth bears, black panthers, barking deer, Indian pangolins (an ant-eating animal), Malabar gigantic squirrels, and rare black panthers are just a few of the exotic creatures you may see in this wildlife refuge.

Trekkers will like Dandeli, where they may discover the natural world, wildlife, and birds thanks to its dense forests and flowing streams. There are many different trekking paths in Dandeli, and the forest department also organises some of the activities. Their guided tour begins with a ride inside a gated forest reserve.

In Dandeli, there are plantations of bamboo and teak scattered throughout the lush deciduous forests. Animal and plant life are abundant in the sanctuary. In this reserve, crocodiles are the main draw for animals. Observing birds and crocodiles there is a very unique experience. Forest walks and bird viewing are both options. Around and inside the animal refuge, there are many different types of reptile and amphibian species.

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Resorts in Dandeli are drawing richer, more mobile inhabitants from India and other countries. Numerous resorts are located close to Dandeli thanks to the tourism generated by the forest’s biodiversity. The government has encouraged eco-tourism while carefully preparing for the wild animal’s healthy reproduction.

Tourists from different regions of India and overseas visit the area because of its natural surroundings.

[8] It is a popular spot for white-water rafting and other adventure sports in South India. It is one of the few places where rafting is feasible from March through June, which is the height of the summer season. Other adventure sports available in Dandeli include kayaking, zorbing, jungle safaris, canoeing, and river crossing.

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about Dandeli

best resorts in dandeli

In Dandeli, two days will do. You may go on animal safari trips in Dandeli, go river rafting and engage in other adventurous activities there, as well as see temples and waterfalls. From the Dandeli stay packages tour, reserve these fantastic activities.
things to do in dandeli karnatak? Stay in a posh location. Only a small number of its elite visitors are permitted access to this one-of-a-kind tropical sanctuary, which is teeming with Water Activities in Dandeli including River Rafting, River Swimming, Raft Boating, Kayaking, Ziplining, and Zorbing.
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